One of our company goals is to be transparent regarding the skip hire prices that we use. The estimates found on this page will allow you to figure out which skip size is right for you.

What are the skip hire prices that you bill to our clients?

Even though we display the skip hire prices on this page, please note that sometimes these can change due to the location where the client is requesting the skip to be delivered.

SKIP HIRE Birmingham does not charge clients based on the time they keep the skip. Once it is delivered to your location, you can take your time in filling it up. If there’s no sign from you for a month, we will phone you and ask for a status update.

Does your pricing include the fees required to obtain a skip permit?

No, the skip hire prices shown on this page do not include the cost of obtaining the license for placing the skip on public roads.

Depending on each local council, the fee for obtaining a skip permit costs in average £25 for up to two weeks. Additionally, some fees for parking suspension may apply.

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Our skip price list for 2015


volume in cubic yards

(excl. VAT)

Mini Skip2 cubic yardsfrom £85
Midi Skip4 cubic yardsfrom £115
Builders Skip8 cubic yardsfrom £145
Large Skip16 cubic yardsfrom £185
Roll ON Roll OFF Skip15 to 50 cubic yardsfrom £220

How big is one cubic yard?

When hiring a skip from us, some of our customers ask us how much exactly is one cubic yard.

The math rule that we use to explain, states that 1 cubic yard equals 3ft x 3ft x 3ft.

Just imagine that you have two washing machines that you want to get rid of. Well, in this case the two items actually take up the same space as one cubic yard.

Hopefully this short description will help you to identify exactly how much rubbish you need to get rid of, in order to hire the best skip size that suits your job.

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