If you intend to place a skip hired in Birmingham on a public road, you are allowed to do so only if you have a skip permit obtained from the local council. These requirements can be found in the Highways Act 1980: section 139 road traffic regulations act.

Who is eligible for a skip permit?

If you want to place the skip on public roads, the council of Birmingham states that you must be a registered skip operator to obtain a skip permit.”

picture of a skip permit in birminghamRequirements for obtaining a skip permit.

  • specify your house/building name or number
  • mention your postcode
  • specify the start date (the date when the skip will be placed on public road)
  • the skip size that will be placed on public roads
  • your application must be submitted 5 days prior to the start date
  • to keep the skip on public roads more than 7 days, a new application will be required

How much does it cost to obtain a skip permit?

The council of Birmingham has set a fee of £15 for obtaining a skip permit. Please note that this fee will multiply with the number of weeks that you want to keep the skip on public roads.

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Fines and penalties

Once the skip license expires, the charge for removal/disposal of non-permitted skips will be £180. This ammount will be charged on your account if you do not telephone SKIP HIRE Birmingham to pick-up the skip before your current one expires.

Placing a skip on public roads without possessing a skip permit in Birmingham, will incur a penalty for obtaining one at a cost of £155.

When does a skip permit in Birmingham expire?

All skip permits have a defined period of time and before this expires, it must be picked up from the road by a skip operator. The county of Birmingham has set this period to 7 days.

When the skip is removed from a public road, the space must be left in a very clean condition. Placing the skip for more than 7 days on public roads, requires at least one additional skip permit. Please specify and request this when initiating your hire.

Emptying the skip

HIRE SKIP Birmingham has the duty to make sure that no hazardous items are present in the skip when collecting it from the customer. Also, the UK laws and regulations state that we must pick up the skip as soon as it is full, no matter if you phone us or not.

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