What we have in our offer as a builders skip hire Birmingham, is also known as a maxi skip hire. This specific skip size is capable of holding up to 8 cubic yards of rubbish. We consider the builders skip a perfect choice for customers who must dispose of rather large or bulky items, or anyone else who requires a commercial skip hire.

What is a Builders skip?

picture of a builders skip size in birmingham

This is our third largest skip size that we provide to customers in Birmingham. Based on our hiring records, it is one of the most popular ones that our customers go for when they want to get rid of waste.

The builders skip is ideal for a high number of projects such as getting rid of old furniture, doing a home rennovation or disposing of any construction waste.

Please note that like it is the case with the Mini skip and with the Midi skip, the builders skip offered by SKIP HIRE Birmingham does not come with a walk-in feature. This means that you will have to lift any heavy items prior to disposing of them.

For questions regarding what you are allowed to throw in the builders skip, contact us and we’ll answer. Call 0121 2854318 NOW!

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What size is a a Builders Skip?

As with any other skip from our inventory, the builders skip dimensions are 1.32m high, 2.20m long and 1.75m wide. This means that you can get rid of approximately 80 bin bags full of rubbish.

Based on our customers’ experience, we found out that sometimes is more efficient to order a bigger skip size than what you estimate that you’ll need. This way, you will save time and money by not having to order an additional skip for the remaining rubbish.

Environment regulations when hiring a builders skip in Birmingham.

The UK environmental and health policies in place mean that we must be compliant with them no matter the type of skip from our inventory.

You cannot use a builders skip to dispose of waste that is hazardous to the environment. We will not pick-up your skip if we notice that items like asbestos, vehicle batteries, fridges or the likes are present inside.”

Do I require a skip permit to place the builders skip on my property?

No, you do not have to apply for a skip permit if you have enough room on your back garder or on your driveway. You can use your own property as you wish.

On the other side, if you do not have enough space please do let us know. We’ll arrage for a skip permit to be issued and have it ready when the builders skip will be delivered to your location.

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