The large skip hire Birmingham is highly recommended for customers that must get rid of a very high volume of waste, as a result of a construction job or due to operating a factory.

What is a Large Skip?pic of large skip size in birmingham

Being higher on the skip size scale, the large skip is ideal for clients that operate a factory or perform significant construction jobs, which usually generate a lot of rubbish.

This skip dimension is not recommended for customers that don’t generate a significant ammount of waste, where a domestic skip hire would be more suitable.


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What size is a Large skip?

The waste industry standards for a large skip size state that it must measure 5’ 3″ (1.6m) high, 13′ 8 ” (4.2m) long and 6′ wide (1.84m). Having this much space means that it is capable of holding anything from 180 up to 210 of bin bags.

Even though the skip dimensions are rather big, there are situations where it can fit on the driveways found in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Environmental regulations when hiring a large skip in Birmingham.

Like with any other skip hire in Birmingham, we have to make sure that the UK environmental regulations are respected. Thus, we highly recommend to all of our customers to not use our large skip for disposing of hazardous materials.

We will not pick-up any skips that contain items such as fridges, asbestos, paint, tyres or anything harmful to the environment.

Do I require a skip permit to place a large skip on my property?

UK regulations state that you are not required to obtain a skip permit if you intend to place the large skip on your own yard. On the other hand, if you do not have enough space there, you must apply for a skip license from the Birmingham county.

Don’t worry, you do not have to follow through with this. Simply let us know that you will place it on a public property and we’ll make the necessary arrangements and have the skip permit ready for you.

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