The Roll ON Roll OFF skip hire Birmingham can scale from 15 up to 50 cubic yards of space full of rubbish. This skip size is rather massive, making it ideal for industrial type projects or serious construction development projects.

Upon hiring, this skip will be rolled on a full size lorry and then delivered to your location. It can be filled up with approximately 300 bin bags of waste.

What is a Roll ON Roll OFF skip?

pic of a blue roll on roll of skip size in birmingham

Thanks to its very big dimensions, the roll ON roll OFF skip has been widely used by customers that operate businesses which generate a large volume of waste.

Our inventory contains roll ON roll OFF skips that have a large swing door at the rear so that clients can load heavy or bulky objects inside without lifting them. If you are searching for something a bit smaller in size, then perhaps you should select the large skip.

This skip size is part of our commercial skip hire offering, being selected mainly by factories or contractors that run demolitions or construction operations.

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What size is a Roll ON Roll OFF skip?

In our inventory we have various sizes for the Roll ON Roll OFF skip, which range from 15 up to 50 cubic yards. These are the largest skip sizes avaliable on the market, thus they are constantly selected by clients that have industrial, manufacturing or construction operations where high volumes or rubbish are generated.

In terms of skip dimensions, a 20 cubic yards roll ON roll OFF skip measures measures 6′ 1 ” (1.85m) high, 20′ (6.1m) long and 7′ 9″ wide (2.4m).

The 40 cubic yard skip that we have in our inventory has the following specifications 8′ 2 ” (2.51m) high, 20′ (6m) long and 7′ 9″ wide (2.4m).

Environmental regulations when hiring a Roll ON Roll OFF skip in Birmingham.

This skip size makes no exception from UK’s Environmental Agency requirements, which any skip hire company in Birmingham must follow.

Similar to the rest of HIRE SKIP Birmingham‘s assets from the inventory, you are not allowed to dispose of hazardous materials even though the Roll ON roll OFF skip has enclosed variants.

Do I require a skip permit to place the Roll ON Roll OFF skip on my property?

If you have enough space on your own property to place the skip, then you do not need to have a valid skip permit from the local council of Birmingham.

If you do not have a space the place the skip on your property, please do let us know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements for obtaining a skip license for your location. Please note that sometimes the authorities do not allow for the largest skip sizes to be placed on public roads, so a permit may not be issued.

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